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The Advantages of Aluminum Radiator

Radiator made of aluminum, cast aluminum and aluminum alloy has the following advantages compared to motorcycle radiator made of other materials: excellent energy-saving performance, material-saving function, decorative effects, low price, low weight and a series of other favorable advantages.

The highly effective thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is the most ideal agent for thermal energy conversion and plays a decisive role in keeping a satisfactory dissipation function. The features of aluminum radiator can be summarized as follows: less time consumption, rapid heat addition and high efficiency. The light weight and portability of aluminum make it convenient to be processed. The weight of aluminum Toyota radiators is one third of that of steel radiator under the precondition that the specifications of these two types of radiators are the same.

Aluminum radiator is the lightest one among other different types of radiators; it is convenient to both carry and install auto radiator. Aluminum radiator also includes a series of other advantages such as large heat dissipating capacity, rapid heat dissipating process and high metal thermal strength. Since aluminum is a material which could be easily extruded into radiators of different shapes, its external appearance is generally made attractive with remarkable decorative effects. Provided that the alumina, a substance generated by aluminum being oxidized, is the most desirable shield to prevent it from being further oxidized; therefore, auto radiator is immune from oxidation corrosion and reasonable priced to be acceptable by wage-earners.

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The enormous heat dissipating capability of aluminum radiator serves to highlight its efficiency as the most renowned feature. The external pattern of the aluminum radiator is aesthetically appreciative and its decorative effects are also widely recognized. The comprehensive evaluation is that no environment pollution will be triggered by the manufacturing process and do harm will be done to the water.

From the aspect of its manufacturing process, aluminum is the best material to be chosen, especially for racing auto radiators. Aluminum is superior compared to other materials in terms of energy-saving performance, material-saving function, decorative effect, price and weight. Aluminum is even included in most aluminum composite products such as copper aluminum, steel aluminum and stainless steel aluminum. The potential flaw of aluminum is that it appears to be inferior to steel tube in terms of bending intensity; however, the heat dissipating performance of aluminum definitely dwarfs that of steel pipe. From the perspective of corrosion resistance, the corrosion of steel takes effect after the phosphating process while aluminum indicates oxidation corrosion and direct corrosion resistance. Consequently, aluminum radiator triumphs a set of auto radiators made of other materials from a wide range of aspects.

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