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Auto Silicone Hose Plays an Important Role in the Automobile

The automobile needs to be installed with various auto silicone hoses, such as the brake hose, the fuel tube, the heater tube, the hose for air-conditioning use and the radiator hose. All these hoses are used to transmit power, fuel, water or air. If we connect all the hoses on the car together, it will be 70 meters long. Don't you think it very long?

1 The fuel hose

The inner side of the fuel hose should have better performance to stand fuel. Now its inner side is usually made from Fluorous rubber, epichlorohydrin rubber or ACM. While its outer side is made from glass fiber, polyester fiber or nylon fibre.

2 The hose for air-conditioning use

Currently, with the widely use of R134a, the new type of environmental refrigerant, the structure and the material of hose for air-conditioning use change greatly. Resin and chloridize IIR or the rubber composite structure has become the best material to make the air-conditioning hose.

3 The the radiator hose

Now the automotive radiators are developed into the energy-saving and low-pollution type. The temperature of the engine warehouse is increased 15-50 degrees centigrade. Therefore, the previous radiator hose which was made from the product produced under the vulcanization system is replaced by the product produced under the oxidizing system. The main material is EPDM.

4 The brake hose

The common polyamide is mainly used in the brake system, the fuel pipe for the engine use and the lubrication hose and the hydraulic pipe. This hose has beautiful apperance. It is even in color and has even tube wall. It has stable heat-proof ability and reliable sealing ability. Its strengthen layer is usually made from polyester, polyving akohol or rayon fiber. Its inner wall is made from  polyamide, and its outer wall is made from chlorosulfonated polyethylene.

5 The power steering hose

oil cooler kits

Now the power steering system of the automobile adopts the high-pressure pump, so the power steering hose should be more heat-proof and durable. Meanwhile, its oil cooler kits should be oil resistant well, and its outer wall should be abrasive and heat-proof.

6 The hose of the turbocharger

This type of hose should have better heat-proof performance. It is generally made from rubber wholly, which means its inner wall consists of fluorous rubber, and silicon rubber which has good heat-proof ability.

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