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Aluminum Radiator of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles as a means of transport, to have a high reliability and safety requirements. Therefore, the various manufacturers continue to push the capacity to increase the electric car battery life, while its battery cooling system is increasingly becoming a problem plagued the industry.

Battery packs are generally used compact design, and the battery itself tends to heat the central aggregation, together with the application of the weight of each car parts and more sensitive, these factors have increased the difficulty of design of the aluminum radiator.

In the electric bus applications, due to the large battery capacity, large volume, are relatively low power density, use of air-cooled solution. The application for an ordinary passenger car battery, the power density is far higher. Accordingly, its cooling requirements will be higher, so the water cooling solutions are becoming more common.

US Mandelson has accumulated a lot of experience designing and manufacturing process water cooler railway applications in the past decades, which has a water-cooled radiator products in an efficient, reliable, and weight reduction ahead of the industry. And to their sophisticated vacuum brazing technology battery pack provides reliable and secure water cooler products.

In the application of electric vehicle battery pack, the United States Mickelson with a strong international technical team, experienced production quality team, as well as localized sales keep up with customer service team, to provide users with the design of water cooler , use, installation, and other technical support.
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