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Laminated busbar in the electric vehicle battery system application

As a highly efficient and reliable electrical connection components, laminated busbar products now have been widely used in various types of power electronic systems. As countries around the world for new energy vehicles, electric vehicles and the popularization of electric vehicles in response to growing demand for batteries, super capacitors and other energy storage system, the United States Mickelson is more integrated battery, capacitor tailor the corresponding busbar products. The product is a laminated busbar mature technology, the power of the battery pack is connected, voltage acquisition, temperature sensing, signal transmission (flexible PCB board), according to user needs and other electronic components used in a highly integrated battery Mother row. Since a single cell battery voltage is generally around 3V to 4V, and the current electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, power battery output voltage is substantially 500V to 700V, therefore the car battery pack , you need to be coupled hundreds of batteries. Existing programs batteries interconnected mostly copper + signal lines, in mass production process, due to the need for extensive manual wiring, will inevitably produce wrong then. The United States Nielsen battery busbar scheme is basically eliminates the possibility of wiring errors. Using busbar links are also easier to install and effort, you can even meet the needs of automated assembly, greatly improving production efficiency and system reliability.

In addition, laminated busbars and power electronics industries are using, US Mandelson battery busbar the whole show is a flexible structure that can more effectively counteract vehicle vibration during driving influence on batteries and electrode damage.

In addition, the United States and Mickelson laminated busbars as efficient and reliable interconnection solution in the relay at all levels of the distribution box and fuses, high-voltage power distribution box in electric vehicles are also widely used.
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