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Current Development Status and Market Prospect of Automotive

In recent years, the number of aluminum racing radiators is continuously increasing. As a result, competition in the market becomes very fierce. At the same time, development of automotive industry also promotes the development of automotive radiators manufacturing industry. According to statics, the number of vehicles made in 2012 reached 47.68 million, and the demand for auto radiators has increased significantly. In addition, with the popularity of car races, more and more people purchase racing cars or modify current cars into racing cars. Thus, the racing radiators are highly demanded in the market due to new racing car manufacturing and old car modification.

According to the forecast from the analysts of TechNavio, the market for auto radiators could have a growth of about 5.8% at a CAGR from 2011 to 2013. That is to say, the market for automotive radiators and racing radiators is still expanding due to the needs from global auto part market. In addition, updating of old types of automotive radiators is urgent because many users have suffered from problems caused by the automotive radiators made from iron and other types of materials. In order to provide the vehicles with better performance, updating of the materials for auto radiators is necessary.

The ordinary racing radiators are updated into aluminum racing radiators. More and more users find that aluminum radiators have more advantages including better heat dissipation ability, light weight, high strength, high working performance, weldability and high reliability. Therefore, users start replacing the old types of auto radiations with new aluminum automotive radiators. The replacement action creates another wave of demand for auto radiators. As a result, market for automotive radiators is expanded once more. According to recent reports, the increasing demand for lightweight automotive radiators in the global marketplace has been witnessed by GAR market.

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Market for aluminum racing radiators is also facing challenges due to new requirements and norms from customers, and product complexity is highly required. On one hand, challenges could block the growth of market. On the other hand, challenges also pose opportunities for new development direction for the auto radiator manufacturing industry to develop new areas in the market. At present, the automotive radiators manufacturing industry has the characteristics of high market rate of growth, strong driving force and high rate of market expansion. All in all, current development status of automotive radiators is stable, and market prospect for auto radiators is bright.

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