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Several Ways to Prevent the Auto Radiator from Boiling

The auto radiator is more likely to boil when the water coolant in it reaches the boiling point. Every time we are faced with this problem, what we could do is only to stop the car and sigh over our bad luck. But to take measures to cool the radiator after it boils is actually not a wise way because the engine will be damaged to a great degree if we do not deal with it properly. Then is there any way to help you prevent the auto radiator from boiling?

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You can be relieved from the boiling of the auto radiator in summer as long as you pay enough attention to the maintenance of the car and the trivial parts of the car.

Firstly, you should check the antifreeze liquid inside the auto radiator periodically. When the level of liquid lowers, you must add enough antifreeze liquid. Remember not to replace this solution with water, the boiling point of which is only 100℃, about 30℃ lower than that of the antifreeze solution. Check whether the thermostat is functioning properly. Otherwise you should change this accessory with a new one.

Secondly, when the season changes, you need to do the maintenance for the car and check the radiating system frequently so as to ensure the high performance of the parts such as the fans, radiators and so on. Check whether the auto radiator is full of water every time before to set off. Or you can keep a bucket of water in the trunk of your car for unexpected needs.

Thirdly, clean the surface of the racing auto radiators regularly since the dust may lead to poorer radiating performance of the auto radiator. Especially in the blistering summer days, this effect seems to be more apparent. When you park the car, choose a parking spot in the shade in order to reduce the workload of the radiator.

Finally, pay attention to the indicator of the water thermometer especially when you have to go for a long journey. The normal temperature is believed to be lower than 95℃. If your find that the temperature rises a lot, you'd better pull over to give some time for the auto radiator to cool fast. And you can lift the cover of the engine to accelerate the convection of the air. In addition, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, please turn off the air conditioner to slow down the speed of the temperature rising.

In all, as long as you are careful enough and check your car frequently, you will be free from the problem of a boiling auto radiator.

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