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Four Outstanding Advantages of Aluminum Automotive Radiators

Automotive radiators are extremely important components for the cars because they play the roles of protecting the engines of the vehicles from overheating. When cars are started, heat could be generated by the engines, and heat could be accumulated within the engines. If the heat is not dissipated quickly, the engines of cars could be destroyed in minutes. Heat dispersion ability of auto radiators is determined by heat transfer coefficient, and the coefficient is influenced by the material of auto radiators. At present, automotive radiators are made from pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, iron, stainless steel, nickel, nickel alloy, etc. At present, aluminum auto radiators are proved to have the best performance in heat dissipation.

aluminum racing radiators

Aluminum racing radiators have many advantages over the radiators made from other materials. At first, aluminum radiators are light in weight. Light weight of certain components directly reduces the whole weight of the car, and as a result, fuel consumption amount of the car could be lower. Cars that use aluminum auto radiators could save more fuel. At the same time, the acceleration time could also be shortened due to the reduced weight of the car.

Secondly, aluminum radiators have the best heat dissipation ability. When the engine produces a large amount of heat, the automotive radiators could still manage the heat well. Usually, the auto radiators are made into aluminum racing radiators used on racing cars that have higher requirement for heat dissipation ability. The racing radiators made from aluminum are proved to be the best solution for racing cars for preventing heat damage to the engine.

Thirdly, aluminum automotive radiators are corrosion resistant and rust resistant due to the chemical properties of aluminum. When coolant is filled in the automotive radiators, coolant could cause corrosion and rust problems to the radiators. Radiators made from iron are proved to have the problems, and as a result, the performance of cars is greatly influenced. Aluminum automotive radiators have much longer service life compared with auto radiators made from other materials.

At last, aluminum auto radiators are weldable. If aluminum radiator in the car has cracks due to the action of outer pressure, it could be directly repaired through welding. The user does not need to replace it with a new one to save cost. If an aluminum radiator is not worthy of repairing, it can be recycled by some professional to prevent environmental pollution and save resource.  

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