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How to clean your auto radiators?

In summer, the automotive air conditioners are more frequently used than other seasons. Many owners complain that the refrigeration effect is not good, and some speculate that it is because of the lack of Freon. Actually, there are many reasons why your air conditioners cannot refrigerate. A simple way is to clean the entire cooling system including the auto radiators. If the auto radiators are too dirty, it will reduce the refrigerate effect of air conditioner, and some old cars may have the problem of high temperature water. So it is suggested to clean the auto radiators yourself.

How to clean auto radiators?

aluminum radiator

Auto radiator is installed in the outer field inside the vehicle's grille, and some are exposed directly. So those dirty stuff entering into the grille is very easy to be attached to the auto radiators. Especially in Spring and Autumn, the debris such as catkin and leaf in the air are easy to enter the grille, and additionally some mud, dust, floats in the air would crash in to the radiator too. If those dirty stuff can't be cleaned up timely, they will plug up the ventilation holes, and then it will reduce the refrigerate effect. Following are the specific process explaining how to clean the radiator.

1. Strip the grille

Cleaning auto radiators is not difficult, and the operation is very easy. The first step is to seperate the front grill. Because of the different design on each model, some vehicles can only show a small part of the radiator after tearing down grille, so it costs more time to clean such kind of radiators relatively.

2. Clean the radiator with air pump

If there are big stuffs such as branches and leaves stuck inside the radiator, just clear it with your hand firstly, and then you can clean the radiatro with air pump. Try to celan it from the inside, and in this way those dust and debris can be blown away directly. Of course every car's internal structure will be different, some cars don't have enough space for the pump, and you can only clean the radiator from the outgoing instead. Sometimes the radiators may look not so dirty on the surface, but inside the radiator has piled up a lot of dirt. Use the air pump to exhaust them out, and this process can be repeated multiple times.

3. Water scrubbing (it is not suggested)

Generally water scrubbing is not suggested, on the one hand, cleaning the aluminum radiator with air pump is enough, and on the other hand, the squirt gun will cause great water pressure, which may broke the cooling fin easily.

Radiator cleaning is very simple, but many owners tend to ignore or don't know this item also need to be cleaned. I hope owners can get into the habit of checking and cleaning the radiators regularly after reading this article.

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