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Selection Tips for Automotive Radiators

The operating temperature of an engine of a car is critical because engine could work well within certain range of temperature. The operating temperature could ensure longevity and high performance of an engine, but it can also ruin the engine when it is too high. Engine generates a large amount of heat which could damage itself, and therefore, an all aluminum radiator for the engine is very necessary. The automotive radiators dissipate heat generated by the engines through the circulation of coolant. They have certain period of service life, and therefore, when you select new auto radiators, you could consider the following tips.

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Material which is made for manufacturing the racing radiators should be taken into consideration at first because heat transfer coefficients of different materials are different. In the market, the automotive radiators are usually made from aluminum and copper because these materials have good heat dissipation ability. But automotive specialists suggest that aluminum racing radiators are more favored for cars because aluminum is stronger and lighter. On the contrary, copper is softer, and it is heavier than aluminum by 60% when they are made into the same automotive radiators. Aluminum auto radiators could provide excellent heat dissipation effect and fuel saving advantage.

Structure of the auto radiators requires more attention from you because it also determines the heat dissipation effect of automotive radiators. Structure of a radiator could be divided into down-flow radiator and cross-flow radiator according to the travelling ways of coolant in the radiator. The type of the structure could be determined by packaging limitations of engine bay. An original type of engine bay requires a down-flow radiator while a modified engine bay could use a cross-flow radiator. When it comes to comparison, the cross-flow radiator is more efficient than the down-flow radiator.

The auto radiators could be selected according to the modes of cars. Business cars could use ordinary automotive radiators which could serve the vehicles fully. Racing cars should be equipped with racing radiators because engines in racing cars generate more heat and have higher requirement for the heat dissipation performance of auto radiators.

In order to select good auto radiators, users should know more knowledge about radiators so as to select appropriate and high performance radiators. At the same time, automotive radiators should be purchased from reliable automotive radiator suppliers so that the radiators have excellent after service, proper design, stable working performance and reliable quality.

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