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Auto Radiators-an Indispensable Part of Vehicles

The auto radiator is actually a water tank of a car. It is the essential component of vehicles' cooling system which takes charge of removing excess heat from engines. Since the engine works harder than most parts of auto parts. It has a tendency to overheat. Therefore, without a properly-functioning radiator, the vehicle is going to overheat-guaranteed.

At normal condition, the temperature of an engine is about 2000 degrees F. During the process of operation, it produces large amount of heat, which is twice as much as its temperature at normal condition. At this time, it needs a cooling system to keep it working at the right temperature. Without a cooling system, the following consequences may happen:

1. As most objects will expand when heated. And the temperature is higher, the expansion is larger. Parts of the engine will be distorted because of expansion in high temperature. Over expansion will break the clearance of each pair of cooperative parts.

2. The strength of metal parts will be reduced in high temperature. Thus, the metal parts won't work efficiency.

3. The gas-filled coefficient of the cylinder will decline when the temperature in the cylinder is too high. What's worse, the gasoline engine may explode.

4. The viscosity of lubricant will largely decline in the heat. As a result, bearing capacity of oil film will decline along with it so as to accelerate the wear of auto parts. At this time, if the wall of the cylinder is over-heated, it will make the lubricant enter into combustion chamber and burn rapidly so as to lead to the consumption of lubricant increasing and carbon deposits appearing in the combustion chamber.

However, with a cooling system, all the problems mentioned above can be resolved. Actually, the cooling system is to radiate the heat to the atmosphere so as to keep the engine work at normal conditions. Generally, the cooling system mainly consists of the radiator, water jacket, pump, fan, thermostat and other components. The auto radiator is used for heat exchange of 2 kinds of fluid. One is air, and anther is coolant. Part of heat caused by fuel burning transfers to coolant, passing by the liquid film, metal wall of the radiator (including water pipes and cooling fins) and air film, finally, it reach to the atmosphere. Through this process, most of the heat is absorbed from the engine and its parts. Thereby, the temperature gets reduced.

In a word, what the auto radiator to the vehicle is what each part of human body to human. It ensures the normal operation of the vehicle. It is the reassurance of the vehicle.

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