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Give Your Auto Radiator a Cool Summer

In such a brutal summer, there are few cool shelters from the burning sun. People can hardly put up with such hot weather, let alone our cars. Suffering from the high temperature, as a result, our car may easily come across accidents, of which auto boiling is one of the commonest problems.

You may ask, What on earth is auto boiling? Actually, auto boiling refers to the case when the temperature of the war tank in the car reaches the boiling point and this is just like what people are used to saying that the water in the tank becomes the boiled water.

The temperature of the water tank can be read from the water thermometer records and generally cannot reach beyond 95 degree centigrade, or the driver should stop his car immediately because the parts will be worn a lot and the service time of the engine will be shortened.

Auto boiling is not a small case and deserves great attention. Drivers must attach special importance and nip it in the mud. In fact, auto boiling can be avoided even in summer if we pay daily attention to the maintenance of our cars as well as to certain small details.

Firstly, car owners should focus on the maintenance according to seasons and make frequent inspections in the heat-radiating system, fans and the auto radiator. Before driving, drivers had better check whether the water tank is full, or they should fill it immediately. They can also put a bucket of water in their trunk in case of shortage.

Secondly, washing of the surface of the water tank cannot be ignored because dusts and cotton wadding on the surface have an influence on the radiation of the tank, especially in summer. Moreover, drivers had better park their cars in the cooler places.

Thirdly, if drivers come across such situations as the traffic jam, as long as the weather is not burning them, they had better turn off the air-conditioner so as to lower the speed of temperature rising and prevent auto boiling.

Fourthly, the important role of the anti-icing fluid cannot be overemphasized. The majority of car owners may think that the anti-icing fluid can only be used in winter. However, its functions are far from icing-resistance. Since anti-icing fluid of good quality has a boiling point higher than 105 degree centigrade, it is hard to reach it even in the hot summer. Furthermore, it also has the function of corrosion-resistance, which will protect the water tank and lengthen the service life of the engine. The anti-icing fluid is better in grime resistance compared with the tap-water.

Your cars deserve your special care in such burning days. Simple attentions and you will bid farewell to auto boiling.

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