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Auto Radiator

Auto radiator is one of the main parts in the automotive cooling system. It plays a role on distributing heat. The cooling water absorbs heat in water jacket, and then the water flow through the radiator to transfer heat. At last the water come back to the water shell. The water moves in endless circle, so that it can cool the motor system. Also Auto radiator is an important part of car engine system.
Do you know how it works in detail?
Auto radiator works as an important component in radiator loop of engine. It can absorb the heat of body, and prevent engine from overheating. Because of water with larger heat capacity, after water in the cooling water system absorbing the heat, its temperature won't increase too much. As a result, the heat produced by motor can be transferred by cooling water system, and then the heat go through the cooling plate by convective transfer way. Such way can keep proper operating temperature for engine. When the engine temperature is high, water in the pump will circle until the temperature decrease to the proper temperature, and such way can effectively protect the engine. If the temperature is too low in the winter, at that moment it will stop the water cycle to avoid being in low temperature.
Application and maintenances
First, the radiator shouldn't contact with any acid, alkali or other materials of corrosive nature.
Second, it's better to use soft water. The hard water should be treated first, and then it can be sued. If we use hard water, it's easy to clog the radiator and produce the internal scale.
Third, the antifreeze should meet the long-term protection antifreeze requirement of national standard.
Fourth, in the process of installing auto radiator, be careful to avoid the damage of cooling fin and radiator.
Fifth, when we let out the water inside the radiator fully, and we need to pour the water again, first of all we should switch on the engine. When the water is flowing, we should turn off the switch immediately, so that it can avoid producing bubbles.
Sixth, during the daily application, we should check the water level now and then. If it's necessary, we should add water when the engineer is in the off and cooling state. The operations are as follows. When we pour water to the radiator, first we should open the cover of radiator slowly. Attention, the operator should keep away from water inlet as far as possible, so that it can prevent him from being burned when the inlet vomits out high-pressure vapor. 

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