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Racing Radiator Requires Special Maintenance

If the tail of the racing car in the race emits light blue smoke, the engine may blow up. Overheating is the main reason that causes engine to blow up. When the engine is overloaded, the stainless steel exhaust systems can not meet the cooling requirements, lubrication failure is caused, and the engine ultimately blows up. High car blew chance rate is due to two main factors: some teams just want the pursuit of high speed of the engine in order to improve power, while the cooling requirements  of the auto intercooler system can not be met for long-term limit operation. Some drivers make excessive use of the engine to achieve low gear with high speed or stop the car for idling for too long, and all these actions will get the engine overheated and result in the burst of the engine.

The racing car adopts specialized racing radiators. The cooling water and oil of the engine achieve heat dissipation by radiators which are installed on both sides. Some racing cars adopt water and oil separation radiators which are symmetrically on both sides of the car. Other racing cars adopt the non-symmetrical heat dissipation method that a water radiator installed on one side and a water and oil separation radiator is installed on the other side.

stainless steel exhaust systems

Car racing requires radiation safety. Before the racing, the changes of the water temperature meter should be paid attention to, and normal water temperature should be about 90℃. If the water temperature index reaches the red line of the instrument, and the electronic fan does not start on time, the car must be stopped for cooling. The driver should check if the electronic fan is jammed or burned, and the car can be used for racing after troubleshooting so as not to split up water pipes or water tanks.

The antifreeze of the racing radiators should be checked at any time when racing, and if the level of the antifreeze is low, the antifreeze should be refilled. Water can not be used to replace the antifreeze because the boiling point of water is 100℃ while the boiling point of antifreeze is generally more than 130 ℃.

The thermostat should be checked if it works properly before racing, and the faulted thermostat of the thermostat is installed in the vehicles. The outer net hood of the auto radiator may have too much materials and dirt accumulated, and the problem of lower heat dissipation ability and auto exhaust system is caused. Therefore, the drivers should check and maintain the racing car regularly.

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