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Passenger car engine radiator comprehensive performance evaluation and design trends

Situation radiator market research

Evaluation of a radiator, in fact, two points, one is itself achieve its functional performance radiator of the plate. Another on the reliability of its use, or life, this is the assessment of product quality. Finally, to achieve these two assessment indicators together, we selected the domestic 12 years to 13 years more popular passenger car made a classification, we hope that the sample to cover all types of business, so to get such a sample the burden of proof. Basically they are 6 categories to 6 liters of displacement, European and American brands, the Department also has South Korea and Japan, we try to combine the case for the same period of the product. Very difficult to do this research, the vehicle factory in doing this may be very simple, as long as the supplier to send a different radiator, what performance can be tested on the same platform, but we are a cross-platform, it has completed a technical the development stage, has actually entered the market in this product to make the evaluation of a cross-platform, it needs to have a very important indicator. We consider the introduction of a comprehensive evaluation, the evaluation index with previous ideas, like the performance and reliability are covered on the inside, there is an evaluation ABCDEF OEMs will do, in addition to material from the perspective of developers, we provide additional an indicator F, if you use the factory more lightweight material, that it needs to have more of a technology developer to pay, so we give it an extra bonus items. The first performance is thermal performance, which is the most concerned about the OEMs, it contains a lot of content, one is the heat exchange, a resistance group that the air side, as well as coolant system resistance.

With the weight issue, we are concerned it's a weight. According to the results of previous tests, the thermal performance and performance per unit volume per unit weight has a direct contrast. From this figure, you can probably look at, basically its own brand unit volume performance is very close, is six samples back. Unit weight performance is actually slightly better than a joint venture brand slightly inferior. By measuring the thickness of all the radiators, the performance of different thicknesses of the display is not the same, an intuitive understanding is thicker volume greater heat dissipation. Just watch has weight, volume and wind resistance, water resistance, comprehensive performance indicators we propose, is to put in front of all the parameters have done an immeasurable steel processing, the better the performance, the higher the index, the less wind resistance and other resistance the better, the higher the peak, indicating that the higher comprehensive. Wherein the third sample peak is very low, because it is a unique radiator when ready. Some car joint venture brands will use this product, is behind the reliability of the links, first of all we do test thermal cycles, there are four sets of 12 sets no certification, it is very typical, of which one is competent in near cracking location, there is an engaging place was whipping the material itself does not reach a level not reached an effective one in terms of the aluminum. Then we have analyzed what to do in their natural hot thermal shock when a change of temperature, and the situation inside the water pipe that each distribution, we can see a big difference inside each tube, there is a conclusion, with the This temperature change me, rose from a low temperature or high temperature low temperature rise after a long time, the situation is getting worse distribution, and finally form a stable situation.
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