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Protect the Radiator with Proper Cleaning

Undoubtedly, we know how important the auto radiator is. Its major job is to reduce the temperature by absorbing and dissipating the heat. Do you clean the radiator termly? Radiator gets dirty and rusty easily after long-term running. This affects the heat disspation effect. More importantly, this has a negative impact on the motor's normal working. So, let's clean the radiator.

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What should you clean

First of all, you must be familiar with the radiator. Then, you may know which part you should clean. Parts you must clean generally include core, pipe, upper water tank, lower water tank, and radiating fin.

How to remove the scale deposit

The common dirt in water tank should be the scale deposit. Without removing, motorcycle radiator won't work well. So, you must get rid of the disgusting scale deposit. In the first place, make sure that the engine is cool. Hot motor may hurt your hands. Secondly, use some tools such as a scraper knife.

Next, select a specialized anti-scaling agent. You'd better not purchase a common cleaner instead of descaling agent. Cleaner may be inoperative. A good descaling agent has the ability of removing the rust without any destruction.

Can we flush the auto radiator with high pressure water

As a rule, some people may adopt high pressure water to flush it. They think this can remove all the dirt. Maybe, you can. While, dirt may run everywhere such as dead angle. Therefore, get rid of the dirt by high pressure air first. And then, flush the water tank with high pressure water. This would be better. Another point you should notice is to lower the water flow. In case that core or aluminum radiatior fin gets damaged during flushing.

How often should we clean the radiator

For this part, a few car owners feel confused. I don't know when the radiator gets dirty. Or, should we wash it frequently? Always make it remain clean is fine. But, frequent cleaning is not good for radiator. For instance, material of the your one-piece dress will become thinner, if you wash it everyday. So, you'd better prevent a frequent washing.

Moreover, it's also not good, if you wash it every few years. It's because that the scale deposit becomes stubborn. You may clean the radiator semiannually or each year.

Periodical cleaning is a good method to ensure radiator against damaging. More importantly, it works well in cooling system. Actually, it's not complex for you to clean it. This just takes you a point of time.

In summer, keep racing radiators clean is a necessary step to reduce the breakdown of the engine. Hence, don't be lazy, and wash it on a regular basis with correct ways.

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