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How to maintain your auto radiators?

Auto radiator is an essential component in the car system, and high-tech development makes the auto radiators in a process of continuous improvement. As we all know, the topic about environmental protection has been popular for many years. In the aspects of environmental protection,  copper-aluminum composite radiators are the best choice, and actually, it has infiltrated into the multiple industries and engineering in many European countries.

Acura Auto Radiators

When a car runs normally, the radiator remains the working condition always. In order to prolong radiator's span life, it is necessary to maintain your car radiator correctly. First of all, as the material of radiators is copper-aluminum composite, try to prevent it from the corrosion of acid and alkaline substances. Second, it is suggested to use rust antifreeze produced by professional manufacturers. Check the water level regularly, and make sure the the temperature has been low enough when adding water.

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