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Proper Care to Prevent the Boiling Engine

There is no doubt that the engine is an integral part of the car. A faulted motor doubtlessly will affect your car's normal working. Have you ever experienced the boiling engine? It easily occurs in summer. If this happens, how to cope with it? How to prevent it?

What's the boiling engine

It's likely that the temperature of the motor is going up in summer. And then, cooling liquid in the water tank is boiling. This is the boiling engine. This problem is caused by a number of reasons, such as scorching weather, faulted auto radiator, as well as overload running of the air condition.

If it occurs, what should you do

Some drivers may stop the car without delay, when boiling engine turns up. Don't do like that. It will lead to adverse effects. You'd better keep an idle running first.

It's not a good idea of opening the cover timely to have a look. It's possible that you get hurt by the hot steam. In addition, prevent splashing water on the motor. Cold water may damage the engine. At this moment, add some new cooling liquid may be better.

How to prevent the boiling engine

Maintenance of the water tank: you should check whether there is a water leakage fault. Then, remember to clean the water tank to remove any dust, dirt or rust. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the quality of the cooling liquid. Meanwhile, ensure that there is enough cooling liquid.

Pay attention to the heat-removal system: as I mentioned before, radiator failure may cause the boiling engine. Therefore, it's necessary for you to check the heat-removal system on a regular basis. For instance, make sure that the auto radiator is normal and clean.

Proper application of the anti-freezing liquid: does the anti-freezing solution only work well in winter? Actually, anti-freezing liquid plays a major role in summer as well. First of all, be aware that the anti-freezing liquid is available all the time. Secondly, prevent using the water instead of antifreeze.

Let the car have a rest: with a long-time operation, car gets tired easily. Hence, remember to take a rest for a while. Temperature of the engine can be reduced more or less.

There is a higher risk of engine failure in hot weather. In spite of boiling engine or other breakdowns, it's a must that you should know how to solve them. It's equally important for you to care for the motor at fixed period. When enjoying the vacation with your family, don't ignore the engine.

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