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Brief Introduction of Aluminum Radiator

Aluminum radiator is mainly classified into high-pressure casting aluminum and stretching welded aluminum. There are some merits in the radiator made up of aluminum material: aluminum has high heat release and energy conservation. In the same place, with the radiators of identical specification, the number of required aluminum materials is less than that of steel materials; aluminum materials are featured by high oxidation corrosion resistance without any additions, because the aluminum reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce a oxidation film that is tough and tensile to prevent the further corrosion for materials. You had best pick high-pressure casting aluminum combined radiator. This radiator is formed at one time without the leakage problems from weld joint. And the best feature is that the aluminum radiator is not affected by heating system and even with the open boiler system, it can work normally without being effected by oxidation corrosion due to the combined design. Moreover, after a period of time, if there is not sufficient heat, you can add several radiators for the heating demand. Then you don't need to replace the whole radiators like steel radiators

Typically, there are two types of combination: fabricated and welded aluminum radiators. Fabricated radiators, also named as aluminum radiators of mechanical bond, is to utilize the aluminum alloy with different draw ability to produce water-cooled tube and radiators separately and to interconnect them in the way of expanding the tube. The plug is made of nylon plastic and connects to the core in the way of mechanical bond by fashioned rubber blanket. The merit of aluminum radiators is that it's doesn't need welding. Otherwise there are high the wind age resistance, complicated maintenance, limitless and strict requirement for cooling medium in aluminum radiator. Welded aluminum radiator is to interconnect the various components of aluminum radiators. It's featured by light weight, high strength and vibration resistance. The demerits include the complicated welding and weak corrosion resistance.

Pure aluminum radiator is one of the radiators that are used frequently. The production process of pure aluminum radiator is not complicated with low cost. The extrusion technology is most commonly employed to produce aluminum radiator. The main factors to determine the quality of pure aluminum radiators is the thickness at the bottom of radiators and the ratio between Pin and Fin. Pin points to the height of fins in the radiator, and Fin points the distance between adjacent fins.

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