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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Radiators

The aluminum radiator is kind of common radiator. So what is good about it? Then we need to learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

First, let me introduce the auto radiators. Its raw material is aluminum which is light with good heat dissipating function. But aluminum is not easy to process, so it can't be easily made into a variety of moulds. Therefore, the aluminum radiator may not meet all the high requirements of home installation. There are also some problems with aluminum's welding process. In addition, aluminum can easily have electrochemical corrosion with other metals, so this kind of radiators can't be mixed with steel products and copper products. And the quantity of copper and iron in the water in the radiator should be strictly controlled.

There are two kinds of aluminum radiators, high-pressure casted aluminum and stretching aluminum alloy welding. The advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum radiator mainly are:

1. It is of good heat dissipation. It obviously saves material and energy. In the same room, if you use heating units of the same standard to produce the same effect, the number of aluminum heating units is less than that of steel heating units.

BMW radiators

2. Aluminum has good performance of oxidation corrosion resistance. So it doesn't need any additives. Once it meets the oxygen in the air, a layer of oxidation film is made, which is so tough, tensile and compact that it prevents further corrosion of the material.

3. Aluminum is of serious alkali corrosion. To protect the system, water in the radiator should be alkali, because the boiler and the pipes of the heating system are usually made of steel. So aluminum racing radiators should have the characteristic of inner anticorrosion, which is very difficult to guarantee.

To choose racing auto radiators, that of high-pressure casted aluminum module combination is the best choice. Such a radiator is formed by whole die-casting, so there is no such problem as the welding line leaking. The greatest merit of the product is that it is unconstrained by the neighborhood heating system. Even if it is installed in an open boiling system, it can still resist corrosion by oxygen. Because the design of module combination is applied, if you find the room isn't warm enough after a heating season, you don't need to remove the whole heating installation and substitute it with another one as you do with a steel radiator. You only need to add one or two more heating units to meet your requirement.

Now, you've learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of BMW radiators. If you want to use one in your home, remember that choosing the best product is the most important, and then you need to maintain it well, especially protect it from corrosion.

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