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Auto Radiator: A Reassurance to Cars

Auto radiator is the main part of the car's cooling system which protects the automobile engine from high temperature and keeps it in a reasonable temperature range. The following is giving some detailed information about the functions of the auto radiator and its operating principles.

The auto radiator is actually the water tank of the car, and it plays the role of water storage and heat radiating as well. The auto radiator is a heat exchanger which makes use of a water-cooled engine. It works on the principle of the convection cooling of air to help the engine maintain the normal operating temperature. The radiator works as a liquid loop of the heat radiating of the engine and thus prevents the engine from heating excessively by absorbing the heat.

There is a steam valve on top of the cover of the auto radiator and a vent hole connecting to the air outside. If the water heats, the water coolant will expand and the inside pressure will rise quickly, which leads to the opening of the steam valve to deflate the air. Otherwise, the inside pressure will drop and the vent valve will open to allow the air to enter into the radiator. In this way, the pressure inside the radiator is kept at a stable level so as to ensure the safety of car driving.

The heat radiated by the auto Racing Radiators is absorbed by water coolant, which is a mixture of water and antifreeze, inside the water jackets. The water jackets are the openings or spaces surrounding the cylinders. When there is no heat around the radiator, the water coolant will get back to the water jackets for the next cycles of working. As the specific heat of water is relatively high, the temperature will not rise too much after it absorbs the heat around the radiator. In this sense, the water coolant performs well in acting as the liquid loop of the cooling system.

In addition, since the radiator has the radiating fins of large surface area, the heat radiating through air convection will be efficient and the cooling effects will be excellent. Despite the roles of other components of the car cooling system like the fans, cylinder waterway, thermostat and so on, the auto radiator is the most important part for the system to function properly.

From the above explanations, we can see that the auto radiator is a reassurance to cars, especially in the hot summer days when the auto engine tends to heat quickly.

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