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Heating radiator products quality national supervision and s

Heating radiator is a pressure heating device, stable operation at high temperature, pressure, has good heat dissipation performance. The products are divided into cast steel, aluminum radiator and steel aluminum, copper aluminum composite radiator two categories.
In recent years, with the consumption level of the masses of our people and the quality of life. Heating radiator has been paid attention to practical (safe and reliable, good thermal effect), to the exquisite workmanship, decorative and practical both to change. As a result, the new type of radiator came into being, at the same time as the heating of the home decoration of the city residents a beautiful landscape. Due to the heating radiator industry common technology content is low, the process is relatively simple, one-off investment, small and easy to form the characteristics of mass production, the product quality varies greatly.
Recently, the AQSIQ for heating radiator product quality national supervision and spot checks. A total sample of 57 kinds of products of the 57 enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Xinjiang, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other 12 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, 42 kinds of qualified, product sampling qualified rate was 73.7%.
The main quality issues found in this sample:
The heat dissipation means that the cooling capacity of the heating radiator is the most important performance index of the heating radiator.. There are 10 kinds of product heat dissipation in this sample. The measured values of the heat dissipation of the 1 radiators are only 61% of the standard values.. Once consumers use this product, in the payment of the full amount of heating after the amount of heating and the ideal indoor temperature, the serious impact on the interests of consumers.
Two, due to the low level of mechanical machining, this sample has 12 kinds of products are different degree of the existence of machining quality problems, of which 5 kinds of product thread accuracy is not qualified. Heating radiator leakage, burst phenomenon, one of the main reasons is the radiator joints (including screw, accessories) quality is poor. At present, many domestic production enterprises connection and connection parts are purchased primarily, the inspection used directly, the quality is difficult to be guaranteed.
Three, this sample has 9 kinds of product appearance size unqualified. The shape size of the heating radiator is not qualified, which is easy to cause the space location of the building installation, and the exchange is poor.
The main reason of the high qualified rate of this sample is that the disorderly competition among enterprises has seriously restricted the healthy development of the radiator industry.. Two is the enterprise quality consciousness and the legal knowledge indifference. Three is the raw material checks lax. Four is the standard understanding is not enough.
For the sampling results, AQSIQ will instruct the around the quality and technology supervision department, for this sample unqualified enterprises, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state punishment, and ordered the rectification. Published a number of spot checks in better quality products and their production enterprises, and guide consumers to choose the right; exposure of a group of poor quality products and their production enterprises, refuse seized enterprises, a serious discipline, supporting the superior and inferior. At the same time, strengthen the awareness of product quality awareness of the production of the publicity and education, and increase the intensity of supervision, the survival of the fittest, improve the overall quality of the radiator products.

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