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Automobiles Cannot Abandon Their Great Helper, the Auto Radi

With the continuous development of engine speed and power of automobiles, the heat load is getting bigger and bigger while the demand of the cooling system is growing higher and higher. People are now paying more attention to the cooling system, including the auto radiator. New technologies and materials come out of being one after another. The advantages of aluminum auto radiator products lie in lightweight, high reliability, low price and environmental production process. It is certain and inevitable for the automobile factory to replace original copper water tank with the aluminum tank. For the time being, the auto radiator is moving forward in the direction of lightness, efficiency and economy.

The principle of the auto radiator is not complicated. On the cover of the auto radiator, there are an air-steam valve as well as a shared stomata connected with the atmosphere. When the water temperature rises, the cooling water in the auto radiator expands and water vapor pressure goes up. Afterwards, the steam valve is opened in order to releases air. When the water temperature decreases, the pressure drops. Then the air valve is opened so as the outer air from the shared stomata can flow into the auto radiator, which ensures the stable pressure within the auto radiator. During the usage, the shared stomata should be kept unobstructed. It cannot be blocked or lose its function, or the heat dispersion will be affected a lot.

The cooling water in the auto radiator is not pure water only; however, it is a mixture of water, antifreeze solution and a variety of preservatives, which is also known as the coolant. Antifreeze solution accounts for 30% to 50% in the coolant and increases the boiling point of liquid. Under certain work pressure, the available temperature of the coolant in the auto radiator can be up to 120 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the boiling point of water and does not evaporate easily.

The auto radiator plays an important role in the cooling system of the automobile. The auto radiator is a water-cooled engine and heat exchanger, which maintains the normal operating temperature of the engine through cross-ventilation. It serves as the cooling liquid circuit of the engine and absorbs the heat of the cylinder in order to prevent the generator from overheating. Because the specific heat capacity of water is comparatively big, the temperature of water will not rise too much after absorbing the heat of the cylinder. Thus, it is more effective to apply the water as carrier and then take the advantage of the cooling fin to dissipate heat.

The auto radiator can compensate the expansion and contraction. It can not only collect the overflow cooling water at high temperatures, but also let the cooling water in the container flow back to the auto radiator at low temperature. When the car engine stops working, the coolant in the auto radiator will cool down as well as contract and form negative pressure in the closed system. The performance of auto radiator directly impacts the effect of the engine power, economy, reliability, and even the normal function and safe drive of the automobile.

Since the auto radiator is such a vital part to the automobile, the maintenance of the radiator is also a key factor. The first step is removing the auto radiator cap, opening the drain plug of the radiator at the bottom and letting the coolant flow into a bucket. The cooling liquid should be treated appropriately in order not to do harm to the environment. Next, close the drain plug and inject water into the auto radiator. Then start the engine, turn on the temperature control system, and add cooling system cleaners. Let the engine keep idling for 30 minutes.

After these steps, turn off the engine and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then, close the drain plug and add water to the auto radiator, letting the engine idle for another five minutes. Afterwards, re-inject antifreeze coolant compounds to the auto radiator. At the same time, it is important to make sure that the engine is off and at the cooling state in order to ensure personal safety.

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