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Aluminum radiator features

Aluminum radiator currently on the market are mainly two kinds of pressure and tensile aluminum welding. In our market are mainly sales of welded aluminum radiator, because it can not guarantee the strength of the welding point, prone to problems and leakage, and therefore, consumers should choose carefully. In addition, experts advise consumers: Because aluminum radiator does not apply to alkaline water, and steel is not the same, it should avoid mixing aluminum radiator installation and other materials.
Aluminum Features: Aluminum heat dissipation is very good, very poor corrosion resistance of aluminum.
Chemical activity of aluminum alloy is very lively, easy to quickly react with oxygen in the air to form a dense protective film of aluminum oxide film thickness of about 1μm, which combines with the matrix is ​​very strong, the coating surface passivation to prevent self-oxidation continues. Aluminum itself so afraid of oxygen, there is no oxygen corrosion.
Internal corrosion radiator principle: within embalmed radiator within the radiator surface coated with good adhesion (adhesion force) and corrosion resistance of organic coatings, water and steel or aluminum isolated, which in turn has to corrosion.
And because the surface has a dense aluminum oxide aluminum protective film, so difficult to attach anti-corrosion coatings, even painted to under water inside the radiator flush within the aluminum alloy surface anti-corrosion coating blocks off easily. So aluminum radiator must not be used in central heating systems, but very suitable for use in self-heating system.
With respect to the steel radiator, aluminum radiator from the heating system in a very prominent advantages, so now the domestic manufacturers have launched a boiler and aluminum radiators with energy portfolio, specifically to the self-heating of the family, which It should be a very good choice.
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