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Radiator---An Indispensable Component for the Car

Radiator has not been recognized as a core technological component in the development of automobile; however, it is justified that it is an indispensable part of the automobile; just as all the cars you have seen including vintage car, each one of them would become useless without the cooling system and auto exhaust system.

In the as long as one hundred years' development process of automobile, no matter racing radiators or general radiators have not led any development trend in automobile industry. Heat dissipating problem is an ever present problem to be considered in automobile manufacturing from the emergence of the first car which ran on combustion engine. People did not consider the necessity of heat dissipating until a French man installed a steam engine on a dray and manufactured the first vehicle driven on machinery power in the world in 1770. However, at that time, what concerned people most was how to retain the heat instead of dissipating it.

After Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler independently and respectively assembled automobile that used combustion as the driving power in 1886, people immediately diverted their attention to how to rapidly dissipate the generated heat. The combustion's demand toward heat is contradictory because high temperature is greatly appreciated during the burning phase and as well as this phase is completed, the temperature must be lowered to an acceptable range; of course, it is not the lower, the better; certain working temperature is necessary to maintain the functional operation of the engine.

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Automobile designers are spending more time and energy on the radiator cover; this just reflects the embossing position of the radiator. Currently, there are no evidence or signs indicating that general auto radiator or racing radiators in the future will experience subversive changes in both concept and methodology; while the different between good quality auto radiators and bad ones might be durability, performance, materials, whether water or oil is adopted as the coolant or whether iron or copper should be employed to the water tank manufacturing. These uncertainties have constituted the development content of exhaust system. As the society and economy keep developing, copper with its recognized advantages such as light weight, low cost, seismic performance, corrosive resistance and anti-fatigue function, is crowned as the dominant material for racing radiator manufacturing. In addition, nothing significant changes have taken place in auto intercooler system so far. It is possible that the development of energy science will enable the cars to get rid of the application of combustion several decades later; until then, it is unlikely for radiator to disappear from people's lives.

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