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Cool down Your Car in Summer

In summer, the thing drivers worry most is that the cooling water in the water tank of the alternator reaches boiling point, and in this way the steam will emit from engine hood. At this moment, drivers have to stop the car, and we can imagine how terrible it will be in hot summer.

The temperature of the water tank can be read from the indication of the automobile water-thermometer, and it usually should not be higher than 95 Celsius degree. When the water temperature reaches 100 Celsius degrees, drivers should stop driving immediately. If the temperature of the alternator is too high, the expansion of parts will make the cooperative gap among parts reduce, and high temperature will also reduce the viscosity of engine oil, and in this way all parts will abrade seriously, reducing the service life of the alternator. Therefore, we must prevent the car from high temperature. Here are some methods listed as below:

First, drivers should maintain their cars on time in different seasons, and they should check radiating system in order to keep fan, auto radiator flexible. Before driving, drivers should check whether the water tank is lack of water just in case, and they should fill the water tank if there is no enough water. Actually drivers should put a tank of water in at the trunk in case of need.

Second, drivers must remember to notice water temperature if they have to drive for a long time. They should pay close attention to the indication of the water-thermometer from time to time in driving and guarantee that the water temperature should not be higher than 95 Celsius degree. Once the temperature is higher than 95 Celsius degree, drivers should be on guard, and they had better choose to stop the car for a while.

Third, do not ignore to clean the surface of the water tank. The dust on the surface of the water tank could affect heat dissipation, especially in summer. While parking, drivers can park their cars at shade place to cool down the water tank.

Fourth, if we meet traffic jam, we should turn off the air conditioner as far as possible if the weather is not too hot, and in this way we can slow down the speed of the water temperature to increase.

In hot summer, as long as follow notices introduced above, we can cool down the water temperature, and at the same time we protect our cars as well.

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