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Auto Radiator Classification and Function

In order to avoid engine overheat, parts surrounding combustor should go with proper cooling. Commonly, auto cooling system is composed of radiator, thermostat, water pump, cylinder block, water channel and fan so as to ensue cooling effect. Radiator is responsible for circulation water cooling. Radiator and water pipe are mostly made from aluminum. Aluminum water pipe is made into flat shape and auto radiator into rippled wall, emphasizing on heat dispersion performance. Vertically installed to air flow direction, radiator tries keeping wind resistance small and cooling efficiency high.

Auto radiator belongs to auto cooling system. Radiator in water-cooled engine cooling system is composed of inlet chamber, outlet chamber, main leaf and radiator chip three parts. Cooling liquid flows through radiator chip and air passes through external radiator chip. Hot cooling liquid becomes cool for the reason of heat dispersion to air and cool water heats on account of absorbing heat dispersed by cooling liquid. To be simply, radiator is a heat exchanger. According to radiator cooling liquid flowing direction, it can be divided into vertical flowing type and horizontal flowing type. While, according to radiator chip part structure form, it has gilled tube and pipe belt two types.

Gilled tube radiator chip is composed of many thin cooling pipes and radiating fins. Most cooling pipes adopt oblations section with the aim of reducing air resistance and increasing heat exchange surface. Radiator chip should equip enough through-flow area so as to take away heat cooling liquid transferring to radiator at the same time of letting cooling liquid pass through. Meanwhile, radiator chip should also equip enough heat dispassion area to finish heat exchange among cooling liquid, air and radiating fin.

Pipe belt radiator is commonly welded by ribbon radiator and cooling pipe alternative arrangement. Compared with gilled tube radiator, pipe belt radiator can increase 12 percent of radiating area in the same condition. Besides, radiator opens with rough air window blinds similar pore. It is used to destroy flowing air adhesive layer on radiator surface and enhance heat dispassion capability.

Auto radiator material has two types, aluminum and copper. The former is commonly applied in passenger car and the latter in large-scale commercial vehicle. Auto radiator material and manufacture technology develops much quickly. Aluminum radiator has obvious advantage in material weigh reduction. At the same time of being gradually replaced in car and light vehicle field, copper radiator manufacture technology and process get rapid development. Copper brazed radiator has obvious advantage in passenger car, engineering machinery and heavy truck such engine radiator aspect.

Auto radiator is an indispensible important part in water-cooled engine cooling system. At present, it is developing in the light-weight, high efficient and economic direction. Considering from the aspect of environment protection, most radiators matched in car are  aluminum radiators, especially in European and American countries. For European new type cars, aluminum radiator occupies the proportion of average 64 percent. From the development prospect of auto radiator production, brazed production aluminum radiator gradually increases. Brazed copper radiator also gets application in public bus, motor truck and other engineering equipment.

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