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What to Do When Coolant in the Auto Radiator Leaks?

As is known to all, when the car runs, its engine will generate an enormous amount of heat. The heat will damage the engine a matter of minutes if the heat is not well managed. Therefore, the cooling system is adopted to manage the heat generated by the engine and control the high temperatures of the engine. Usually, the cooling system is composed of passages, a water pump for circulating the coolant, a thermostat, an auto radiator for cooling the coolant, etc. The most important medium is the coolant in the radiator which is the key for cooling the whole engine. Generally, auto radiators include aluminum radiators for traditional cars and racing radiators for racing cars. If the coolant in the auto radiator leaks, there will be bad consequences. So what to do when the coolant in the auto radiator leaks?

First, you should check where the coolant leaks. It is easy to find that the coolant leaks because the coolant can be seen dripping, spraying, seeping or bubbling from the parts where the coolant leaks. Usually, the coolant leaks in the parts of the water pump, the auto radiator, the hose, etc. because of cracks or bad head gaskets. The coolant leaks mostly in the radiator. Please keep in mind that you should never open the radiator cap when you find the coolant leaks there while the engine is still hot. The pressure in the radiator can hurt you when the engine is still hot.

Second, when you find that the coolant leaks in the radiator, you should carry out some repairs. If the leak is small, you can choose a bottle of cooling system sealer or some ground black pepper to fix the problem in a cheap way. If the leak is big, you should not try to repair it by yourself, and you should leave it to a radiator shop to repair it or you can buy a new radiator.

Last but not least, leaks can be fixed on a temporary way and a permanent way, but you still spend time and money on repairing it. You can carry out some regular maintenance to your car to avoid the problem. For example, you can carry out coolant replacement, hose checking, etc. You should carry out the maintenance to your radiator at least one time a year.

By following the mentioned tips, you can have a general idea about what to do when the coolant leaks in the auto radiator and what to do for avoiding the problem. By doing so, you can keep your car running well and operating at peak performance.

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