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How Much Do You Know About the Aluminum Racing Radiators?

Radiator is an indispensable part in the cooling system of water-cooled internal -combustion engine. We all know the temperature of the engine is very high in the working time, in order to ensure it can work normally, it must be cooled. Compared with other technology development of engine, radiator technology development is relatively backward. With the increasingly stringent emission regulations, and the demand for driving comfort, automotive radiators are getting more and more popular.

According to the material, auto radiators can be divided into 2 types: aluminum racing radiators and copper racing radiators. It is true that automotive radiators and manufacturing technology develop very fast. Aluminum radiator for its obvious advantages in lightweight materials, replacing the copper radiator in the field of car and light vehicle at the same time, manufacturing technique and technology of the copper radiator has made considerable development. Copper brazing radiator has obvious advantages in the fields such as buses, engineering machinery, heavy truck and other racing radiators. Considering from the perspective of protecting the environment (especially the European and American countries), most foreign cars use aluminum radiator. New cars in Europe, the proportion of aluminum radiator has an average of 64%. From the prospects of the development of car radiator production in China, production of aluminum racing radiator will increase gradually.

Why aluminum racing radiators are favored by people? Because it has the following advantages: energy-saving, material saving, decorative performance, cheap price, lightweight, and so on, which will be discussed in detail. With the effective thermal conductivity, aluminum alloy becomes the decisive factor for good heat dissipation function and the ideal medium of thermal conversion. It is characteristic by less time, fast heating, high efficiency Lightweight, easy to processing.

aluminum radiator

Under the same specifications, the weight of the aluminum radiator is one third of the steel radiator.

Then, aluminum alloy is the lightest in a variety of radiators, which make handling and installation convenient, at the same time, with good thermal conductivity, providing large heat dissipating capacity. Due to its easy extrusion forming, can squeeze into various shapes of radiator, so is novel and attractive. When it creates alumina, the best protective film, can avoid further oxidation. What's more, its moderate price is very popular with the working class.

From the aspects of production of radiator, aluminum alloy material is one of the best choice. Whether from the perspective of energy saving, material saving, decorative effect, or competitive price, weight, etc. or even copper-aluminum, steel-aluminum, stainless steel- aluminum and aluminum composite products all contain this ingredients.

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