Tube and Fin
∙Oversize heavy-duty core improves efficiency
∙Professional durable race design and construction
∙Leakage tested
∙All kits include brackets, hardware, piping and fitting
∙Cast mirror polished end tanks
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Our Tube and Fin intercoolers can channel much air in between the rows and has perfect external aerodynamics. They can offer an enhanced level of performance. The intercooler will provide the ideal cooling capacity, while safely increasing horsepower and giving that extra boost that every driver appreciates.

Core Size Inlet/Outlet Note Vehicle Item
200*204*118 57 Tube and Fin Renault 5GT
553*106*52 32 Tube and Fin Oil Cooler
466*253.5*70 63 Tube and Fin Nissan Skyline Front Mount
460*226*52 56 Tube and Fin Universal
521*152*52 67 Tube and Fin Universal
447*294*75 74.6 Tube and Fin Universal
600*300*76 74.6 Tube and Fin Universal
450*300*76 74.6 Tube and Fin Universal
480*410*65 63 Tube and Fin Ford Sierra Cosworth RS 500
521*153*120 75 Tube and Fin  
447*296*120 75 Tube and Fin  
597*296*120 75 Tube and Fin  
593*266*62 70 Tube and Fin Mazda FD3S
457*234*41 50 Tube and Fin Audi A4/ Passat 1.8T B6 Front Mount
543*234*44 50 Tube and Fin Universal
450*162*62 50.8 Tube and Fin Universal