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Knowledge on Function of Auto Radiator

Auto radiators belong to car cooling system. It is composed of intake chamber, effluent chamber, main leaf and radiator core. Commonly, cooling liquid flows in radiator core and air passes through outside it so that radiator cools cooling liquid down. It works as following. When silicone radiator hose and radiating leaf are exposed in airflow produced by cooling fan and vehicle movement, cooling liquid in radiator cools down. Therefore, radiator acts as a heat exchanger. Its primary function is to transmit heat cooling water absorbs from water jacket into air by means of radiating tube and leaf.

Auto radiator is indispensible important component in cooling system of auto water cooled motor. At present, it is developing in the direction of slightness, high efficiency and economy. Also, it is constantly adapting to new development. The commonest automotive radiators can be divided into direct current type and horizontal current type from structure. As for radiator core structure, there are pipe slice and pipe tape two types. When it comes to pipe slice radiator core, it is composed of many tiny mocal oil cooler and radiator slices. Cooling tube mostly adopts oblateness section to reduce air resistance and increase heat transformation area.

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Auto radiators like aluminum racing radiators often concurrently act the function of water despite and heat dissipation. On auto radiator cover, there is set with air vapor valve and a public air pore connecting with atmosphere. In order to ensure heat dissipation effect, it brings up requirement of enough heat dissipation area with radiator and adopts excellent material of heat conducting property like copper and aluminum. When water temperature raises, cooling water in auto radiator expands and increases pressure by generating vapor. Then, vapor valve is opened to discharge air. When water temperature declines, pressure decreases and air valve opens. At this time, air outside would enter this public air pore into radiator to ensure radiator inner pressure stability.

Auto radiators should guarantee public air pore unblocked instead of being jammed or function lost in application. Otherwise, it would affect radiator and engine heat dissipation property. It is especially the case for racing radiators. Cooling water, also called cooling liquid in radiator is not pure water but mixture composed of water, anti-freezing solution and various preservative of special function. In these cooling liquid, anti-freezing liquid occupies 30 to 50 percent in total content, enhancing liquid boiling point. Working under certain pressure, auto cooling liquid permits its working temperature to reach 120 centigrade which surpasses water boiling point and does not evaporate easily.

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