Renault Silicone Hose Kits
It is a silicone rubber construction with smooth wipe down finish.
It has excellent resistance to UV, water, ozone and oxygen. Reinforcement is made with Polyester or Nomex.
Temperature Range: -50 degree to 240 degree
Thickness Range: 2mm to 5mm with one to four mesh Polyester or Nomex layers to enable higher temp and pressure than original rubber hose does.
Color Options: Black/Red/Green/Purple/Yellow/Orange, etc.
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Item Specification
Renault Renault 5GT Head Hose 2pcs
Renault 5GT Carb Water Hose 2pcs
Renault 5GT Ventilation Hose
Renault 5GT Header Tank Hose 2pcs
Renault 5GT Turbo Water Hose 2pcs
Renault 5GT Main Water Hose 3pcs
Renault 5GT Boost Kits 2 pcs



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