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  • South Korea fines auto parts makers Denso, Continental and Bosch

    Dec 24, 2013
    South Korea’s anti-trust regulator has fined the units of Denso Corp, Continental AG and Bosch a total of 114.6 billion won ($107.99 million), saying they had fixed prices of parts sold to Hyundai Motor Co. South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) said the units of Denso, Continental and Bosch had rigged prices of instrument panels and wipers sold to Hyundai and affiliate Kia Motors. The veh...
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  • Global financial crisis hits Chinese auto market

    Dec 17, 2013
    Shanghai: The global financial meltdown has severely affected the auto market industry, with Chinese companies passing through a bad phase this year, manufacturers here said. Chinese manufacturers aren’t hopeful of the profits they have been used to till the recession ends. “The recession, mainly in Europe and the US, has severely affected the Chinese auto component sector, with a sharp de...
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  • Navajo Nation officials share tips to prepare for cold weather

    Dec 09, 2013
    Farmington — With cold temperatures affecting the region, preparing for winter weather is crucial. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest winterizing homes by installing weather stripping, insulation and storm windows. They also recommend checking heating systems, along with having alternative heating sources available. The American Red Cross recommends keeping supplies on ...
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  • The skinny on your vehicle's cooling system

    Dec 05, 2013
    Most automotive manufacturers recommend flushing your cooling system once a year, and this is good advice since your car's cooling system is vital to engine longevity. A good rule to follow is to have your coolant flushed at the beginning of summer or the beginning of the winter. While most shops charge $80 - $100 for this service, it is important to know that replacing the coolant does not i...
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  • U.S. takes action in two auto parts price-fixing cases

    Dec 03, 2013
    WASHINGTON -- Three executives of Japan's Takata Corp will plead guilty to conspiring to fix the price of seatbelts sold to automakers in the United States and will go to jail for 14 to 19 months, the Justice Department said on Thursday. Takata settled with the Justice Department in October, agreeing to pay $71.3 million to settle antitrust charges. Separately, the government indicted two ...
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  • How to maintain your auto radiators?

    Nov 15, 2013
    Auto radiator is an essential component in the car system, and high-tech development makes the auto radiators in a process of continuous improvement. As we all know, the topic about environmental protection has been popular for many years. In the aspects of environmental protection,  copper-aluminum composite radiators are the best choice, and actually, it has infiltrated into the multiple ...
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  • Selection Tips for Automotive Radiators

    Sep 22, 2013
    The operating temperature of an engine of a car is critical because engine could work well within certain range of temperature. The operating temperature could ensure longevity and high performance of an engine, but it can also ruin the engine when it is too high. Engine generates a large amount of heat which could damage itself, and therefore, an all aluminum radiator for the engine is very nec...
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  • Some Common Sense on the Working Principle and Sructural Design of Aut...

    Sep 16, 2013
    Automotive radiators have been playing a significant role in the whole auto system since their first exhibition in 1901. Of course they are and we are able to make sense of this statement, but why? Here I would like to list several reasons before starting to talk about the main topic of this passage. When automobiles are running at a relative high speed, the fuel combustion inside the engines...
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  • The Necessary Functions of Automotive Radiators for You to Learn

    Sep 09, 2013
    When people crank the motor, the large amount of heat will have enough power to destroy it. As the result of this, it is very needed to install automotive radiators for the car. At this time, many people may have a doubt what the exact functions are. In order to learn it well, we need have a clear idea of the basic work principle and characteristics of the modern car. This article will introduce...
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  • Knowledge on Function of Auto Radiator

    Sep 02, 2013
    Auto radiators belong to car cooling system. It is composed of intake chamber, effluent chamber, main leaf and radiator core. Commonly, cooling liquid flows in radiator core and air passes through outside it so that radiator cools cooling liquid down. It works as following. When silicone radiator hose and radiating leaf are exposed in airflow produced by cooling fan and vehicle movement, cooling...
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  • Curious about auto radiators? Here comes your guide into their world n...

    Aug 29, 2013
    Most of us know that when a machine is working, it is getting hotter and hotter and all the while, if no measures are taken in time. For example, computers have radiators to keep working normally and effectively. There is no denying that machines are likely to be damaged with high temperature. As a consequence, when it comes to vehicles, automotive radiators are extremely important: they are ben...
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  • 3 Aspects Help You Get Thorough Understanding of Automotive Radiators

    Aug 26, 2013
    Nowadays most automobile manufacturers and companies have employed high-tech skills in developing reliable automotive radiators since such devices are of great importance in ensuring the normal operation of the auto engines. For instance, the aluminum racing radiators enjoy great popularity among the racings lovers. So, do you have questions about the description, working principles and function...
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